22 June 2008

Doctor Who News

So, Series 4 has been the best series of Nu-Who yet! Catherine Tate has silenced all of her critics (or made them lavish her with praise), the writing has been superb, and everything about the story arc has been pitch perfect.

Everyone's talking about the return of Rose, which I am looking forward to, but what I am now really looking forward to is the fan-wank-o-rama that the final two episodes look to be. (Highlight the empty spaces below for spoilers, if you are so inclined.)

Not only is Rose returning to fight alongside The Doctor and Donna, but -- as confirmed by the most recent BBC trailer -- we are also getting, Martha Jones, Captain Jack, Gwen and Ianto (from Torchwood), Sarah Jane Smith and Luke (from the Sarah Jane Adventures), Jackie and Mickey, Harriet Jones, and DAVROS!!!Julian Bleach, who is taking over for Terry Molloy (who portrayed Davros in his final appearance in the original series in Remembrance of the Daleks), has the voice down perfectly, if the trailer is any indication. Additionally, he is shown to have a cybernetic right hand -- which fits in with the fanwank-continuity-dar -- as his real right hand was shot off by Orcini in Revelation of the Daleks. They haven't explain how he got back in the chair after he appeared to have been nothing but a head attached to a bunch of wires inside a big Dalek casing in Remembrance, but that bitch had been cloning himself for a while, so that's probably an easy fix.

I am just so excited. Not just because of the ambition and nods to the past that are taking place on the show...but because it appears that Who is undergoing a new renaissance as it continues to be one of the most popular shows in Britain, on SciFi in America, and in Canada and Australia. Also, Stephen Moffat, who penned the brilliant The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Blink, and the recent Silence in the Library, has been announced as the successor to showrunner Russell T Davies in 2010 for Series 5. This is such brilliant news and I look forward to many more years of Doctor Who being something that people are once again taking seriously as brilliant television.

If you haven't been caught up on Series 4, I suggest you do so immediately. It will be worth it and you will thank yourselves!!!