21 October 2007

My Straight, Physicist, More Socially Ill-Adjusted Alter-Ego

With thanks to Battochio for the title of this posting, he was the second person I know who has pointed out that the guy on The Big Bang Theory (Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon) reminds them of me. I have only watched snippets of the show, and apart from his build, his hair colour, hairline, his tendency to wear longsleeved t-shirts under short sleeved ones, and his brilliance, I don't really see a resemblance. Thoughts?


Batocchio said...


Well, there's the dry delivery, plus there's better pics, such as this one:


Batocchio said...

Dude, in the latest episode, he was bitching about his normal routine being disrupted - watching Doctor Who!

Batocchio said...

Good lord, he even plays keyboards and sings spoof songs!

Anonymous said...

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