16 July 2008

Doctor Who is now officially #1!

The Series Four Doctor Who Finale, Journey's End, was the number one most watched show in England last week. It's the first time in Doctor Who's 45 year history that it has been number 1 on the charts. At 10.57 million viewers, it was 1.5 million ahead of the number two, which was Monday's Wimbledon coverage. Previously, the highest Doctor Who had ever charted was at number five, in 1975, with the second episode of The Ark in Space.

Doctor Who has -- and a tear comes to my eye as I say this, for I thought this day would never come -- the coolest show on television. My years of geekdom are finally paying off.
Or something.

Seriously, though, Series Four was the best series of Nu-Who yet, and I encourage everyone to see it as soon as possible. The writing is excellent and Catherine Tate is a revelation! It's on Sci-Fi in the US right now, and the DVD's will be out in October.

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