10 August 2007

Day One: 11:35p EDT

"I talk talk...I talk to you..."

Fuelled by early 90's dance music, courtesy of Real McCoy on a really cheesy southwestern PA radio station (is there any other kind?!), Robert and I landed in a Best Western about 30 miles from the So-hio border. We had to smuggle Max inside in my luggage (he's currently investigating the room and being cranky), and, after a surreptitious "visit with Sheila" we are watching South Park (the Scientology episode!!!) and turning in. Day Two, featuring the unfathomable flatness of Southern Indiana and dinner with the folks, commences tomorrow morning at 9:00am EDT. Sweet dreams, nurses!

1 comment:

MB said...

Sheila killed chef, sent by Tom Cruise! Evil scientologists...