10 August 2007

Day One: 7.30a EDT

After a wallscrapingly good time, and no severed toes, we got just about everything, including that bloody couch, onto the truck. Thanks so much to Micah, his lung, my roommate David, and Robert, who flew in from Chicago (to drive my car and be my support structure)! The truck isn't what I'd call the jackrabbit of moving vans. Perhaps the beached whale shark of moving vans might be more apt. But it's newish, the a/c works, and it goes, so once I'm on the highway, the tuckpointing of Brooklyn will be safe again and we'll be fine (knock on particle board). I have a few more things to take down, and then we shove off. Not sure what kind of omen the rain is, but it feels strangely appropriate. Stay tuned...

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