04 August 2007

Wood you...?

Elijah Wood appeared recently on The Graham Norton Show in the UK with Kim Cattrall. I love some Graham Norton, and his bizarre, Candid-camera-esque production numbers are often quite hilarious. I also love some Elijah Wood, whom I find almost painfully attractive most days (his hair is a bit too B-Burg Hipster for my taste in this clip, though).

Anyway, so Graham bursts in on a young lady who is doing some speed dating in a pub, and insists that he sit in, with a big red button, to buzz out the lads that don't pass his muster. At about 2:45, you will see Rupert sit down at the table. Rupert, it seems, was deemed universally hot by the the crowd, Mr. Norton, and Ms. Cattrall. The real area of interest, however, is Mr. Wood's expression when they cut away after Rupert edges into his frame. I will say nothing, except to say that to say anything would be too bleedin' obvious...

(Clip: docbrownuk Websites: IMDb and Auntie Beeb. Shirtless pic: Teen Idols 2000 )

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