10 August 2007

Day One: 3:20p EDT

We finally dodged out of the traffic nightmare. Stopped at a Subway for a sandwich and some helpful directions from a big, pierced, inked, toothless local in downtown (?) Rahway, NJ. They turned out to be more or less accurate directions, and we finally got on a highway with little hassle as a result. Thanks big pierced inked toothless dude!
This truck has some oomph, and though I'm fine with not having cruise control in my car, it's making my right leg hurt in this thing.
Some looneytunes in an Infiniti SUV tried to swerve in front of me. He apparently didn't get the memo that the 16 foot Penske truck wins!!
We're on I-78 now, and caught in some other trraffic snafu. Almost in Pennsylvania. I'll save comments on that state for when we're actually there.
Our walkies aren't working too well. Maybe new batteries will help. We seem to get other people's conversations fine...just not ours!
More driving now. Will post when next we get fuel. This bad traffic karma is killing me. Thank Buddha for NPR!! Love to all...

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