12 August 2007

Day Two: Supplemental

Robert and I, after a delicious meal at Milo's in Urbana, hauled some stuff out of the house (desk for Drew!) and then headed to Downtown Champaign for a cocktail. We hit Boltini first, and enjoyed a couple of martini-esque beverages. Robert found something made with black vodka that seems like it should have tasted more evil than it did. I stuck with cosmos.
We ran into a cavalcade of C-U folks, starting with Brandon. Brandon was attending his 10 year (Uni) High School reunion. He and his partner, Kevin, just adopted a baby(!), which is crazy but awesome. He is called Garret and is three months old. Yay for gay daddies! He very excitedly relayed that, yes...he is the dad taking thousands of pictures of every event and I'm sure you'll see a couple here someday soon.
Said hello to Danny, who was, unsurprisingly, running to his next engagement. He has the most insanely full dance-card of any nurse I know! I have teased him before about him being the busiest Buddhist in the western hemisphere.
The guy who used to stand on the corner of the dance floor at C-Street and idly rotate, back when we were in college, now stands about three feet from the DJ at Boltini, idly rotating. I'm surprised the DJ doesn't scream, "PERSONAL SPACE!" and hit the guy.
Three feet, I tell you. What thought processes lead a person to...? Oh, I can't even start down that path.
Finally, Bryan and his friend Ashley showed up (she is getting a Ph.D. in Art History at Yale and is between apartments in Paris and Rome! Must be nice. He teaches 2nd grade.). Bryan talked us into, yes...you know it...going to C-Street.
So off we went. The dancefloor is all classy and hardwood now, but everything else is pretty much the same, down to the stupid graffiti in the loo. We danced for a bit, had another couple of cocktails, and Bryan got approached by Lyle Lovett/Abe Lincoln Guy who was, of course, still there.
An interesting sidenote. Lyle Lovett/Abe Lincoln Guy looks just awful, but it's, like, the same awful as when he was sitting his "tired old ass down" next to Adam Nelsen back in the day. It's like he's preserved in a perpetually unchanging state of awful.
So anyway, we just about closed the place out and came home. We slept really well. More later...

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