13 August 2007

Day Three: 9:00p CDT

So our journey ends. We arrived in Chicago at 5.00p. I had to yell at strangers to open the gate for the load-in area, and, once we were in, 8 gorgeous people showed up to help me unload. It went so smoothly (apart from the elevator violently jumping up and down at one point, with Laura and I sure we were seconds from plummeting to our deaths), and, after just under two hours, it was all inside.
My apartment is quite nice. Robert did a great job scouting this one out. The buzz about the place amongst those moving me in was the fact that there appears to be more closet space in here than the total square footage of most Manhattan studio apartments. I've got storage for my storage! Max is settling in and exploring the wilderness of boxes. He was exhausted and is soooo happy to not have to ride in the truck, get zipped in the suitcase, sleep in the attic, or, really, go outside at all anymore.
We celebrated the effortless move-in with a shockingly good cheeseburger (and some beers) @ Moody's Pub. Enormous humble thanks to Chance, Drew (the other one), Jason, Jessica, Laura, Marcos, Mark, and, of course, Robert, who was brilliant to have on this trip, for working their lovely backsides off in the swamplike humidity.
The unpacking now begins. Later this week, I'll get the photos up in here. My interweb won't be on 'til Thursday.
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