16 August 2007

The Move: A Brief Photo Diary

Hey nurses! I finally made it to Chicago, and the lovely folks at Comcast finally hooked up my series of tubes. So here, as promised, are some photos from the trip. They are in reverse order for no reason. Enjoy!

First view of the skyline of Downtown Chicago (from the hellish Dan Ryan Expressway).

An exhausted Max sits on the attic floor in Urbana, IL, bracing himself for the final leg of the trip. Or that may just be shock...

Illinois welcomes us...to DANVILLE!!!

I pass the time by (safely) taking self-portraits outside of Indianapolis, IN. Can you sense the joy in my tensely furrowed brow?

The endless flat cornfields of Indiana, which, for me, are much less pretty than the endless flat cornfields in Illinois.

The alarmingly classy statue outside of our hotel in Western, PA.

Max discovers his love for looking out of the window. (Soooo cute!)

The sun shining through the clouds (I used to call these "God Clouds" when I was a kid, cos of a picture in a Noah's Ark book) in Eastern, PA.

The now-infamous rain-soaked traffic jam in beautiful Rahway, NJ. Please take special note of the sign to the right that says, "Your Highway Taxes At Work!" So encouraging...

Robert and David pack up my kitchen stuff in sunny Brooklyn, NY, the day before we leave.


Anonymous said...

Wait! Indi to Danville? You drove nearly by me (in Lafayette, IN)! Glad to find out you're back in the midwest. I'll have to look you up sometime. *hugs* -your julietta.

Anonymous said...

btw, Max looks like the chubbier brother of my darling (anorexic-bulimic) Layla "Poo(Princess)". I cannot tell you how amuzing I find this. +) -j.