10 August 2007

Day One: 12:51p EDT

We finally pushed off at about 11am. Max was an unhappy kitty. It was still pouring rain, and we couldn't take the Bay Parkway cos I'm in a big ol' truck.
The Verrazano was half shrouded in clouds and beautiful. That's still my favourite bridge in NYC.
The right windshield wiper on my car started flopping off the window about 2 miles into Jersey. Robert was, essentially, rendered blind. We pulled over at a gas station, and I spent 15 minutes running around in the rain to find a pair of pliers. Thanks to the folks at the auto-body shop next to the Citgo on Rt. 1/9. Wiper fixed. I'm soaked. And we are now trapped in appalling traffic in Rahway, NJ. Woo hoo!! We're moving. More later...

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